Sunday, February 10, 2008

Parking Spot Controversy = Solved!

After about three months with no response from the management company or our condo board about our parking spot situation, I emailed "Lazy Lady" who works for the management company. Of course, she completely ignored my emails, so after about half-a-dozen emails from me, Peter called her up.

Over the telephone, Lazy Lady let it slip that the board "was not doing anything" about the situation. Peter informed her that during the board meeting the condo president said that this was an "inequitable situation" and that something would definitely be done about it. Peter asked Lazy Lady for a copy of the board minutes.

I guess asking for the board minutes really got her going, and before we knew it, I received an email from the board president and he told me that he was INCENSED. Apparently, the board had decided the day of their meeting that something will be done to increase the size of our parking spot. He was upset that no one from the management company told us about this.

The funny thing is that Lazy Lady is also a bit Not-So-Smart. She forwarded my email, which stated that she IGNORED MY NUMEROUS PREVIOUS EMAILS. I mean, I would NEVER forward an email to my boss that exposed the fact that I IGNORED CUSTOMER EMAILS.

The solution I was offering was to re-paint the lines from the guest spots so that they would be a bit smaller and we could have a spot that is bigger. What they did was tear off part of the sidewalk and move our neighbor's spot over, cover the ripped out sidewalk with tar (but didn't pave the tar over so now it's all bumpy and ugly).

My neighbor has hated us since the day we moved in, when our moving truck hit her car. Plus, we have two dogs and I'm up at all hours of the night. And now her parking spot got messed with. I think she's going t'be MAD!

But now our spot is BIGGER! Yay! Now we can actually (gasp!) open our car doors!

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