Sunday, February 24, 2008

Famous Vegetarians

A lot of people happen to stumble onto my site looking to see if Heath Ledger was vegetarian or if Brad Pitt is vegetarian. So I will do my public duty and inform you that Brad Pitt is indeed a vegetarian. Which means that he has yet another thing in common with Peter (along with international fame).

Here are a list of famous vegetarians from, which has saved us, on several occasions traveling throughout this vast country of ours, from eating at the local Taco Bell.

I had not known that Aristotle was a vegetarian, as is Elvira Mistress of the Dark (isn't she a vampire?), JD Salinger, Vincent Van Gogh, and of course, our good friend Jesus Christ.

But then why didn't he miraculously create a huge pot of vegetarian chili instead of all those fish?


running42k said...

Jesus? He ate fish didn't he?

plue said...

You would think, but scholars believe that Jesus was an ascetic, therefore vegetarian, and that the Greek word for fish was an acronym for his name, so that the fish-eating stories in the Bible were symbolic fish, not actual fish he ate.