Friday, February 15, 2008

The Same Old Valentine's Day

My sister called up and asked Peter what we were doing on Valentine's Day and he said, "Same thing we do every year."

When my sister asked him what that was, he said, "Nothing."

Then she told us a story about going to the mailbox with her boyfriend. When she opened the mailbox, a bunch of Fruit Roll-Ups came out of the mailbox, like when the Tic Tacs fell out of the mailbox in the movie Juno. She turned to her boyfriend and said, "Oh! That's so sweet!"

He said, "This wasn't me."

And then he looked really sad about it. We think that it was one of his friends playing a prank on him. But Jenny thinks that it may be someone else doing this to random girls on campus.

"But it can't be random," I told her. "This person has to know you love Fruit Roll-Ups."

"But everyone loves Fruit Roll-ups," she said.

"Uh. No. They're gross."

"Really? I thought EVERYBODY loved them."

If by everybody, she means everybody who loves to put partially hydrogenated oils and Red #4 into their balanced diet.

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running42k said...

I have never had a fruit roll up so I don't know whether I love it or not. I prefer fruit in it's original packaging.