Monday, March 31, 2008

Apparantly, The Tweezie Isn't Painless...Or Sturdy

I have written about my mother-in-law's facial hair before.

When she came over the house about a month ago, she had Peter put in the batteries for her new purchase, The Tweezie!

Peter and I both looked at this little plastic piece-of-crappy thing and told her not to use it because it can't possibly work. She was insistent that the commercials showed happily facial-hair-free women who were extremely happy with the results...and said that it was completely painless.

So Peter put the batteries in and we watched her march into the bathroom full of confidence. As we listened to the buzzing noises coming out of the closed bathroom door, we couldn't stop laughing.

Then, when my mother-in-law came out of the bathroom, she looked a bit stunned, and I said, "Did it hurt?"

She looked at me, incredulous, as forlorn as Jack must have been the night before the beanstalks started to grow, and said, "YES!!"

She was very upset that the infomercial ladies lied, but then last week, we went to her house and she had the Tweezie in her room. She pointed at it and said that it stopped working. When I asked why she didn't throw it out, Peter rolled his eyes and said:

"What makes you think that she'll throw that out? She has kept three television sets in this house that haven't worked since before I was born!"

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