Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wobble Cafe

We finally found a great place in Westchester to have breakfast!!

Wobble Cafe, which was featured in the InTown food issue, is located in Ossining, and the reason we hadn't been there before is that, for some reason, Peter didn't want to go to Ossining to try a new restaurant. I guess it's because you don't want to drive twenty minutes out of the way to go and try a new restaurant that will probably suck.

But last Sunday, we were up at 9am. By the way, 9am is extremely early for me. When the Twin Towers were attacked, my friend Andrew was frantic to reach me, just in case I had randomly decided to go somewhere in the city I hardly ever go to, and his roommate said, "Andrew, this happened at 8:45 AM. She's safe."

Peter wanted to go to a brunch place and suggested going to Crabtree Kittle House, which is great if you want to spend $70 on an all-you-can-eat buffet brunch. But I never feel like we're getting our money's worth since all he eats is vegetarian stuff (the cheap stuff) and I hardly eat any breakfast. But wouldn't you know it, Crabtree opens its doors at 12pm.

I looked up several other brunch places and they all opened at either 12pm or 12:30pm.

"That's not BRUNCH!" Peter said. "That's LUNCH!"

I looked it up, and in most places, brunch is served as early as 9am, and mostly around 10am. But in WESTCHESTER? 12pm.

So I dug up the food issue I knew that I had kept and the Wobble Cafe was open for breakfast, so off we went. And after we ate, Peter said, "Why have we never come here before?" And I reminded him that he was anti-Ossining.

Then he asked, "Why would I ever say that I don't like Ossining?"

I don't know. Why does he ever say random things he doesn't believe in?

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running42k said...

Noon brunch is pretty bizarre. Mind you I usually get up by 7 am at the latest on weekends so by noon I am on my second meal of the day.