Thursday, March 20, 2008

Respite Until Sunday

Today I woke up this morning at 6am. Most of the time when I wake up, my eyes feel as if there are forces holding them down and I cannot for the life of me open my eyes without summoning up every fiber of muscle in my body. For some reason, this morning, I woke up and my eyes were like, "Hey! What's Happenin'?"

I guess my body was all, "Peter's mom is leaving in ONE HOUR!! It's CELEBRATE good times C'Mon!!"

And it's a good thing I got up, too, because Peter did not set his alarm clock, even though I asked him last night. Three times. But hey, who's counting?

The reason he had to get up super-early this morning is because he has to go with his mother to get her fingerprints taken for renewing her green card. This is the second round because her last set of fingerprints didn't "take." I guess because she's 83 years old and all her finger swirls have been ground down into nothingness, or she has NO FINGERPRINTS because when you're born Evil, it's a good thing not to have.

I'm just kidding, she's not Evil, she's just evil, Evil's second cousin twice removed.

Two days ago, Peter took his mother down to Brooklyn to get some more paperwork done for her green card. Why all the hoop-jumping and fingerprinting nonsense, you might ask? Because she let her green card expire...six years ago. And the reason she even found out? The answer is she wanted to transfer her money from one bank account to another and the bank asked to see something called a picture identification card. When she pulled her green card out, they looked at it and informed her that this card hasn't been valid since before Britney met Kevin.

The first night she stayed over, Peter and I huddled in our room talking about her - which by the way, is something we always do when guests come over - and he told me that when he went to the immigration office with his mother, he pointed out all the people who were sitting around waiting.

"You see all these people here?" He asked.

"Yes. There's a lot of people here."

"You know why they're here? Because they NEED to be here! YOU don't NEED to be here! YOU DID all this ALREADY, sixty years ago!"

Her attitude during this whole process is that the green card people should have sent her a notice telling her that the card was going to expire, and I was like, yeah, right. Because you can't be held accountable for something that you can just take out of your wallet and take a gander at once a decade or so.

Anyway, they left this morning to make their 8am fingerprinting appointment, so I made eggs and waffles with strawberries, and even though she ate breakfast yesterday with Peter, this morning she said she wasn't hungry.


Anonymous said...

Thought of you - lots of veggie cookbook recommendations.


plue said...

I saw Jack Bishop's book on the list, he's really good. I have "A Year in the Vegetarian Kitchen," which is full of easy and yummy recipes.