Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Happens When People Are Not Invited

So now that Peter's mother has decided not to invite anyone for Easter, it seems that EVERYONE wants to come. She said it was strange, because for the past few weeks, she specifically did not mention Easter whenever she talked on the telephone with her kids because of all the song-and-dance complaints and excuses she gets every year. And she noticed that her kids went out of their way to not mention Easter either.

But I guess when Tina decided to come (and now we're roped into it), yesterday, Peter's brother Gino's family decided they need to be there too. I don't get it. So I guess when people want you to come and invite you, the answer is no. But when people don't invite you and plan other things, you decide you need to come. Urgh. And then Peter's other sister, the one who doesn't speak to anyone else anymore, invited his mom down to her house for Easter. Huh?

The mother-in-law visit has been going fine. I've been spending all my time locked up in my room. Peter yelled at her yesterday because she wouldn't try my zucchini casserole (She doesn't like to try anything I make), but then she tried it and said she liked it (which made me laugh). Last time I made something, she put it in her mouth and then spit it right out into a napkin. This is progress, people.

You know, next time I will encourage her to invite everyone over for Thanksgiving, just so they will say no like they always do.

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running42k said...

Holy shit. Your mother-in-law is like a bad cartoon character.