Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Christmas Puppies Everywhere!

I think a lot of people got puppies for Christmas this year, because I've seen a lot of puppies running around Westchester the last few weeks. It makes me nostalgic for the time when Scout and Rocky were puppies. It's funny when I look back, that I just remember the good times and how cute they were the first time they took those first tentative steps down a flight of stairs.

Scout was a Cr-A-Zy puppy. She used to do this thing, we called it her swimming run. Her paws would fly out on either side so fast that it looked like she was swimming. And she would run back and forth throughout the length of my very long hallway over and over and over and over without tiring.

Scout was a terror to housebreak. I mean, she just could not hold it in. Rocky was house trained in like two seconds. I think someone up there took pity on us having to go through the stage of Scout's explosive diarrhea.

One time when Scout was only a few months old, in the middle of the night I woke up to the most hideous smell in all the world. And when I looked over at Scout, she had that sad, pitiful look on her face. A face that just makes you want to pull your heart out of your chest. And I looked over at the poop which...had two of my socks on it.

After Scout pooped, she must have looked at her pile of poop and thought to herself, "Oh no! How can I hide this?"

She looked around and found socks that I had left on the floor and took one and put it on top of the poop. She stepped back and thought, "Hmmm. I don't think that's enough coverage."

She then took another sock and placed that one on top of her poop. Y'know, because THAT hides the damage much more.

That noggin of hers is constantly working.

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