Thursday, March 27, 2008

The War Against Dog Hair

Last night I had a conversation with another dog owner about a topic that comes up a lot when you own a Siberian Husky. DOG HAIR!!!!!

He told me about the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which he said is a "must have" if you own a dog that sheds like his sole job in life is to cover every square inch of your home with fur.

I told him that I've been using a Swiffer vacuum stick because it's light and easy to grab and go.

This guy looked at me as if I had said, "Well, I still churn MY butter."

He sat up and, very seriously, said, "This is not a battle, but WAR. And in the WAR against dog hair, you need all the resources that can handle the fight."

'Nuf said.

1 comment:

running42k said...

If it is a war, is shaving the dog bald the equivalent of a nuclear weapon?

I hear you on the husky hair. Our dog hasn't really started to shed yet, but we know it is coming.