Monday, March 03, 2008

Rocky Has a Drinking Problem

Because it has been so fuh-reezing freakin' cold, we have been trying to "push it" every other day and taking the dogs out 5 times every two days. To do this, we've been limiting the dog water intake by not leaving water out all the time.

Unfortunately, Rocky has always liked to drink tremendous amounts of water. As a puppy, the first time we took him to a dog park, all he did was sit by the water fountain and lap up water. We looked like idiots trying to shoo him away from the water every five seconds.

We were trying to get him to run around and play with other dogs, and he was all like, "Why play with other dogs? There's an endless supply of water here! An Endless Supply!!!!"

A girl at the park looked at him and said:

"Good God, that dog has a drinking problem!"

This happened right before we got into the car and drove from Chicago to New York and he continuously peed in the car all the way to Ohio. Luckily, the pee was so watered down it didn't stain or leave any bad odors. But it was a nerve-wracking ride nonetheless.

I think we've created a monster here, because now, whenever we put water out for the dogs after their meal, Rocky drinks his bowl and Scout's bowl, and then nudges us with his wet nose to take him out three hours later. So this whole trying to take the dogs five times every two days is really not working. I guess we're being punished for being lazy and now I broke my dog.

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