Friday, March 14, 2008

I Can Sympathize

Peter and I were watching the news reports and there's a report that a woman sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years.

They interviewed the boyfriend and he basically said that she was so afraid of dealing with her family members, that she decided it would be best to just hide in the bathroom.

Peter's reaction?

"I can sympathize."

The police want to file charges against her boyfriend, which I don't think is right. He said that she had been living in her bathroom for the past two years, but had been showering and changing her clothes every day until last January. He said he had been trying to get her to come out, but she kept saying she would come out "tomorrow."

I lived with my crazy aunt for years, and there's really nothing you can really do about someone who does not want to live in reality. She wanted to lock herself up in her room and since she came out to make meals and she did shower and run errands once in a while, my parents just let her live her life the way she wanted.

I used to think that we really should have had her committed, but my dad was completely in denial that there was anything wrong with his baby sister. Of course, anyone coming in brand-new to our situation thought it was Cr-AA-ZY.

Including one of our nannies who quit after only a few weeks because she freaked out over the occasional laughter coming from my aunt's room. We tried to explain that this was just my aunt laughing at her television sitcoms, but that nanny was so not buying it.

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